Started in December of 2009, InterDrip was created out of sheer boredom and a need to have something online to read.  We plan to grow into a website that everyone wants to read at least once a day, maybe more.  Invite your friends over and enjoy a little bit of non-sequitur reading and every now and then, something serious

The Admin: Raise by a bachelor Milky Way® Bar farmer on books, Russian tap dancing, and a generous helping of nachos he strives to create a little more craziness in this senseless world.  With Non-degrees in Peruvian sky diving, Roman competitive eating, and Greek Orthodox guitar toe picking, he hopes to one day take over the world… with Penguins of course.

ZiLove: Ok so catch this, I am Don and I was raised by wolves! After my second space mission where I defeated the raging beast of glactal seventeen; about 35 light years west of pluto, I met Mister Admin who invited me to join InterDRIP and share my amazing tales about my journeys. Not just my space travels but also my trip to the center of the earth, to the isle of the golden water (really terrifying) and even about my amazing battle to save the maiden at the top of the spiral tower! REALLY! Ok… so that’s a lie… but it sounded so much more interesting then the truth…. Let’s start again…

I’m Don but I am known as Donavon, Donathon, neither are actually my name but I think they are kind of cool. I’m not the most interesting person; in fact, I am probably one of the dullest people you would ever meet but interesting things seem to happen to me a lot. In my spare time I enjoy video games, nature walks and camping but only in the summer. My favourite things include JELL-O, Cookie Monster (NOT VEGETABLE MONSTER! THE ORIGINAL COOKIE MONSTER) and Canadian Child’s Helpline flyers, “Call if your boyfriend broke your heart, call if you boyfriend broke your jaw”. I really hate talking about myself but I have not finished talking about myself until I mention the people that make me me. Those people include my sisters; all four of them, the love of my life, and of course my best friends; Alex, Megzie, and lastly, the Admin because even when I feel like giving up and just falling into darkness, these people always pull me right back into the light and tell me I am being an idiot.

Ghost writer/The Night Angel:
Hello and welcome to what apparently is going to be my little piece of the internet where I get to give my opinion… may god have mercy on your soul. Even though I’m still relatively young, I’ve still picked up a lot of information about a lot of things. My name is Aaron, and I hail from somewhere in the states. I’ve never once believed in “I can’t” in regards to me being able to do something. I always push my limits, and rarely know when to stop. I love a challenge, and will take up just about any challenge that someone lays before me.
I’m a fight
er, and a lover. I make it a point to be as intelligent as possible and make my decisions with as much wisdom as possible. I’m active both in mind and in body, as I believe to achieve balance; one must exercise every aspect of their being.
Why am I writing for the Inter-Drip? Because I feel I have an opinion that’s worth being said, and I love to debate (Yes, that means please if you disagree, or feel you have something to add, then feel free to hit me up, I’m all for some intelligent conversation.)
Welcome to my world and my opinion. I hope you enjoy your stay.
And always remember these four tenets…
Love, Honor, Respect, and Knowledge
—Ghost Writer

Love Lives Forever: A hopeless romantic. Born out of a giant poppy, she strives to make the world a happier place, using the talent of song and the magic of love. When she is not writing or singing, she bakes pastries, plays solitaire on her iPod, and listens to Lady Gaga.

Agent Kupo X: Hey all I’m Agent Kupo X and I’m a moogle from the 51st century who was brought back in time by the Doctor to help out The Admin after
the Doctor’s pyschic paper responded to a distress call. After dealing with the situation threatening The Admin, I decided to stick around and help here at this website. As well as submitting the odd article
(incredibly sporadically), my main job here at InterDrip is to look after the chat, in which I lurk for the majority of the day.

As for a little about myself, I grew up on my parents’ Kupo Nut farm, which we’re proud to say is the largest source of Kupo Nuts in the world. I studied airship engineering and advanced translation for chocobo at university where I graduated summa kupom laude in the class of 5004. In my spare time I enjoy traveling, writing about people’s journey’s in a big-ass journal, and teaching various folk how to Pop-up