Post How to get people to follow you online (aka SEO 101)

If you are a website owner, musician, company, or person who just wants a whole lot of online friends—you narcissist– chances are you have looked up one of the following phrases on Google.

How to get more followers on Twitter.
How to get more friends on Facebook.
How to get more friends on Myspace.
How to make my website popular fast.
Easy SEO (SEO means search engine optimization in case you didn’t know).
How to get views on Youtube.
How to make money online FAST

Trust me there are more, and there are many sites that will tell you how to do just that. Let’s take a look. If you don’t want to read through this obviously well-written article and just want the real answer, then skip to the end now.

For Twitter followers, one site on Google you might find is (.info, they didn’t want to pay a few dollars more a year for a .net or a .com?). On this site, and many others, what they have you do is give their site permission on your twitter; how do I know I can even trust them? After you sign up, you have to get five of your friends to sign up, which is not too hard, and those five have to, and so on until it grows so you have millions of friend because every level that signs up follows you. Well sweet! Such nice people giving us this simple easy way to get Twitter followers… What’s in it for them?

Money; remember that word, money.

This website, and everyone like it –there are a lot of them that work this way—have little ads on their site that are relevant to the site itself. They are placed there in hopes that people will click so they make money. They could care less if you make it to one thousand or two million followers as long as they are making money.

Guess we can work on finding a better way for Twitter later, but what about YouTube views? Let’s do a little Google search then. One example of what you might find for that is This site has software you can download to get viewers for you; you get a trial free and then you can pay for a pro version…

That’s right, more money.

Okay I’ll try one more time to find something. Let’s try making money online– everyone wants to make money. I’ll look at from a Google search. These guys didn’t even want to pay for a domain at all. A bunch of what they tell you to try is get paid to blog. Now why would someone even have a blog if they aren’t going to write for it? I’m not the best writer in the world and I still write articles for my own site. Also, look at the right side; it’s COVERED in sponsors, all saying they can also tell you how to make money. Well if you’re going to write anyway, wouldn’t it be better to make your own blog and have your own ads so you don’t make just a percent of what the ads bring in?

Well Googleing all this stuff isn’t getting me anywhere. It’s a waste of time. You should have just skipped to this part. Ready for the real answer to ALL of these questions? Are you sure you want to know? Here it is….

Make something Interesting.

For Youtube, if you want a ton a views, upload something worth viewing. If the majority of people say your voice sounds like a cat getting run over by a jet power piano, I’m sorry you can’t sing (or you’re really good at sound effects).

For Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, or any of the like, if you want people to follow you, post regular good content. I don’t want to join a group of people liking the fact that your hamster’s name is Luke Skywalker. You didn’t come up with the name and the hamster doesn’t know how to use the force. (Has anyone noticed that George Lucas last name is so close to Luke’s first name?)

Lastly, if you want to make money online, either sell stuff people want on e-bay –that doesn’t mean your hand crafted nose mittens—or get advertising for your website. If you want to make money for advertising though, you need original content, relevant ads, and ads that don’t harass you and make you want to scream. You know those “You’re the 100th visitor, You Win” flashing ads? I don’t allow those for a reason. Any person who knows anything about the internet knows that those are a scam.

Of course, you could always ask for a donation to the [insert name here] needs money to get [insert item name here] fund. Example of this is “Donate now to The Admin wants to get a High Def Camera to make real videos for the InterDrip Youtube Fund (aka The Admin needs money fund) below (no it’s a fake fund)

Alright, if you bothered to read this common sense article, please don’t go searching for another quick fix. It’s not there. Oh, and be sure to follow us on Twitter, Friend us on Myspace, Subscribe to us on Youtube, and be our fan on Facebook (well they changed fan to like didn’t they… want was the point of that?)

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~The Admin

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