Post Bullying at school

The other day, I was listening to the radio, when an interesting topic was brought up. Should schools be held responsible if a kid is bullied in their school? If I’d of had the chance to, I would of called in at the time and given my two cents on the topic. My personal opinion is that schools should not be held responsible for things like a kid being bullied. I have a few reasons for why I believe this, and I will of course go into each one of these. A little background on me first of all. Up until about my sophomore year of high school, I got picked on… a lot. So I get the fun perspective of being the “victim”.

First of all, the school is just like a job (without the pay), and oddly, those tend to be the exact opposite of a daycare center.  What this means is that they are NOT responsible for every action and reaction that happens under their roof. They are there for a job, to teach your children, not police the actions of everything that happens. This means that as if the kid were at a job, they have to follow the proper routes of communication in regards to getting bullied. Or they need to fight back. Either way, once they prove that they aren’t willing to take the bullying anymore, then said bullying will stop. Life has always been and always will be a trial by fire, how will you handle it?

On top of that, comes the almighty “Welcome to life.” Life has always been and always will be an “Only the strongest will survive” type of life.  By this I mean, you either survive or you don’t. Be the victim or be the hero, it will always be on you how you react to a situation. Will you take the easy way out, or will you actually grow and become stronger from the bullying, and triumph over one of the many trials and tribulations that you will be faced with throughout life. After all, that is exactly what life is, one long gauntlet. You either make it or you don’t.

Now you might say well it’s school, the child should be safe there and be able to learn. While this is true, that could be said about someone’s home, but is it true? No.  Like I mentioned before, I was one of the kids who got bullied in school. I got bullied constantly from about 6th grade till about 10th grade. Those were not happy memories in regards to school, on top of the fact that I’d been raised as a pacifist, so I didn’t know how to fight in the first place. Imagine for a moment how that might make a kid feel, to know that how they were raised, while not necessarily incorrect, and certainly doesn’t keep you safe.

You know what I did? I got stronger, I trained, I learned. In a world where guns are outlawed, only the outlaws will have guns.  In a world where self-defense is necessary, you’ll be eaten alive if you don’t know how to. What about me now? I know a smattering of martial arts, I know how to brawl, and smattering of other skills that keep me safe, as well as always being armed and knowing how to use the tools I have on me.

Needless to say, once you know how to defend yourself, there is a confidence that is instilled into you, and it’ll permeate every step you take, how you hold yourself, and how you look at the world around you. Once you have this confidence, those who would bully the weak, will leave you alone.  Welcome to the world, It’s not a nice place, not from birth, not till death will you find solace.

Ghost Writer