Post Apples Outside My Windows

There are a lot of rivalries in this world, especially when we find ourselves in the United States. You have the sports rivalries like the Yankees versus the Red Sox, the Colts versus everyone else, et cetera. You have the political rivalries between the Democrats and Republicans, which if you are an outsider can be quite hilarious to watch. However, these are not the rivalries that really interest me today.

Brand rivalries; everyone has heard of them I assume. Coke versus Pepsi is still strong in my household and the former always wins, no questions asked. Everyone has their favorite peanut butter that they buy or tissue brand I imagine. However, I’m going to look at a slightly stronger war of brand names that most of you will recognize instantly.

Apple versus Microsoft; I apologize to you cool Linux users, wherever you are.

The Apple/Macintosh versus Microsoft/Windows battle has been going on for as long as I can remember and continues today with fervor. Occasionally I watch the television and I get to see the different ads for the iPhone and the HTC products with the Droid thrown in as well. Once in a while you also get to see the Mac commercials that poke fun at the PC and how obsolete it seems in comparison.

A little rivalry like this between companies is not a problem. Like with any rivalries, the problem comes with the followers and not the companies themselves. On one side, you have what I like to call the Apple Elitists. In lame man’s terminology, they believe that anything with the Apple insignia on it is the best and everything else cannot even begin to compare. Their complaints typically consist of Windows being confusing, obsolete, buggy, easily hackable and lacking the aesthetic qualities Apple products do. Unfortunately, most of the ones that I meet do not even get past the specifics of why they use an Apple product; they just assume that it’s good because of the Apple logo and move on.

Windows has their fair share of elitists as well, though they are slightly harder to find it seems. Their complaints, which they have many of if you search around, usually have to do with compatibility issues between programs, battery problems (yes I am looking at you iPhone users and your non-removable batteries), lack of open source, and more that can be found here. There is also the complaint concerning money, which everyone loves to complain about since no one has any. Windows users can be heard complaining about how ridiculously priced the Apple products are; why get an overpriced computer when you can get a cheaper one with the same computer specs?

This is a battle I have gotten to witness multiple times, once during my time at my current University. One of my professors, a Macintosh user, was doing a presentation of sorts using a Windows terminal and was a bit confused on how to use it for slideshow purposes. I, being a Windows user, had to do a bit of it for them. I then got to listen to the complaint about how Windows “is too confusing”, causing me to raise an eyebrow in skepticism. One of my classmates, who was also a Mac user, could empathize with the professor. Of course, I did not understand their confusion with something that seemed so easy to use from my point of view.

What I usually say in these sorts of battles is “to each their own” and move on. You can be a Yankees fan if you want to be; I’m not going to hate you for it but I will rag on you once in a while when the Yankees play a less than stellar game. However, that rivalry is different from this one. The side that is better cannot be so easily determined; if the Red Sox are in first place, they’re obviously playing a better game than the Yankees and vice versa. With Apples and Windows, it’s more of an issue with preference and it almost seems like neither is better than the other.

Note how I said “almost”.

I know I come from a biased standpoint since the only Apple product I have ever used is an iPod. I have never bothered to play around with Macintosh because I have never needed to. However, I know quite a few Apple users who throw a fit every time they have to use a non-Macintosh computer for anything because “it is so convoluted”. It doesn’t annoy me so much as make me laugh. Being a bit of a computer nerd, Windows is not that complicated to me and I have a very difficult time understanding the point of those who say it’s so hard to use; if you actually bother to play with it for more than thirty seconds, it becomes pretty easy. It’s not perfect and it has some faults on it, but no computer is perfect. Sorry Macintosh, your computers are just as hackable as anyone else’s.

In conclusion, the Apple versus Windows rivalry is not going to go away any time soon. Both companies have been around for decades and they are not about to go out. I will continue to laugh at the elitists on both sides and watch them battle it out as every new product is released. I expect an iTable within the next five to ten years from Apple and another three or four versions of Windows in that same time period. We’ll see what happens then shall we?